About us

SIA JELGAWOOD is Latvian woodwork company with an experience over 20 years in the small niche of box making.
Although we have been providing our services for wholesale clients, exporting our products to countries such as Germany and Sweden, we are happy to provide some of our products in retail. 

With a precision and craftsmanship of a jeweller right for the customers who value premium quality, we produce handmade wooden boxes of various shapes and sizes such as: 

  • functional, decorative and fine finished organisation and storage boxes to complement any surface;
  • gift boxes who become as a valuable part of a present for jewellery, knives, bottles or anything you wish to be gifted with love and sophistication made for eternal use;
  • boxes for wine or any other fine drink with a space for one or much more bottles;
  • boxes for those who have a passion for collecting coins or other small and valuable things;
  • representation boxes of your product great for personalising them with your logo ; 
  • tea organisation boxes; 
  • ...and lots of other boxes made for personal use or your business. 

Although we are best in Latvia in the small niche of premium quality box making, we manufacture also: 

  • builders equipment such as step ladder, tool cases, foldable wallpaper pasting tables, wooden tool handles, etc.;
  • small furniture such as shelves, stands or drawer units; 
  • children furniture - wooden tables, chairs and benches.
We are crafting our products with carefully sourced and selected materials from Latvian woods - pine, birch and oak that will stand the test of time.