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Wooden Tea Box - Six Compartment Tea Bag Storage Chest

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  • THE FINEST – LIKE A COVETED ANTIQUE: Every intricate detail on this handmade tea storage chest is purposeful and perfected - from the polished, rounded edges, to the smoothly opening grooves, to the interior-placed golden hinges – no expense was spared.
  • ENHANCE YOUR RITUAL: This well-appointed tea storage box is designed to enhance your tea time ritual and it fits beautifully on your countertop or tea shelf. 
  • VERSATILE STORAGE – holds up to 100 tea bags: 6 adjustable compartments easily accommodate standard and large tea bags from your favorite tea houses.
    Many enjoy using it to hold jewelry, paint supplies, knick knacks and sweets.
  • GORGEOUS GIFT THAT LASTS A LIFETIME: While most choose to sell cheaply made bamboo tea storage boxes that warp over time, our premium tea organizer was engineered from the most durable craftsmen quality wood, making it the PERFECT GIFT to pass down for a lifetime.

    Item size:

    Length 23cm x Width 14cm x Height 8,5cm
    Length 9,05in x Width 5,5in x Height 3,35in

    Each chest size:
    Length 7 cm x Width 6cm x Height 7,5 cm
    Length 2,75in x Width 2,36in x Height 2,95in

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